Goalkeeping Tips to stay on top of your game

To all goalkeepers
Thank you for choosing this extremely demanding and enjoying position.
As you know the position of goalkeeper is unique and it requires not only physical and technical ability, but also enormous mental strength and character.
Here are some Tips that will keep you on the right track with your further development.

Training and game preparation

  • If you train hard and 100%, you will take it on to the game
  • football is fun, if you’ll enjoy playing, the responsibilities will come naturally
  • watch football games whenever you can, watch what the best keepers do and try to copy that in training
  • if your game is in the afternoon or evening, start the day with light exercise (go for sharp walk, stretch or swim), you need to start your nervous system so you don’t feel sluggish
  • visualise what you will do in the game ( make the great save), these thinks will make you pumped and motivated
  • be your harshest critic but don’t beat yourself up for a mistake, learn from it quickly, stay positive and move on, there will be plenty of chances to redeem yourself
  • never go quite after a mistake
  • don’t forget, the confidence of your team comes from you, talk throughout the game( no cheerleading), quick and spot on calls ( men on , mark up, switch, keeper, away, move up etc.), if you?ll talk too much and nonsense, they will stop listen to you
  • be a good example on and off the pitch
  • listen to your coach and teammates
  • stay calm and focused at all times
  • don’t worry about things you cannot change ( weather, surface, referee), the only thing you should focus is your performance
  • expect the unexpected, that will make you ready for anything
  • thank your parents ,without their support you would make it nowhere

They say you're not tall enough?

To be honest, being tall and having the right size will make your life as a keeper much easier, but it is not everything.
There are keepers who may not have the size, but they possess very good athleticism and are able to read the game in the way that puts them in position to make the save. They are very explosive, incredible quick, and extremely intelligent. They know that they are not going to come out for certain balls, so they organise their team to take that in to consideration. They make the right distribution choices (as in modern game, playing from the back and distributing is more than 65% of keepers play). These keepers can have great success at the game?s highest level despite being average height for the position.

At the end

They say keepers are crazy. It attracts the most competitive individuals because every goal scored against them is like personal battle lost. You know that moment when making that save, when hugging the ball, you?re hooked. So goalkeeping is not crazy, it?s unique, it?s infectious. Enjoy the position, catch every ball like it is you last and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Thank you again

Petr Sestak
Credited Goalkeeper Coach